P.J. Cranberries
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Our Products

P. J. Cranberries sells fresh cranberries right from our bogs to local stores and to the public. We sell clear one pound ventilated bags with a recipe tag attached to each bag. 30 per case. We will sell 5 lbs. or more to the general public at the bogs on appointment or on specific days. We also sell in 25 lb. bulk boxes for foodies and processors who also desire that fresh picked flavor. In addition we will sell wet harvested fruit to juice or food processors. Depending on the season, fresh fruit is available from late September to Christmas.

P.J. Cranberries is a family run business, representing the third and fourth generation of growers. Our cranberries are grown locally, sold locally, and support Buy Local Cape Cod. Our berries are sorted in a 1930's Hayden Improved cranberry separator!

Massachusetts grown... and fresher!